Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Back in my happy place

Part of my plan for the year of 2008 is to do something completely pro active and exciting to me once a week.  Outside of last night where I laughed myself to sleep, the word Potato will never be the same for me.  I swear... I can't stand how funny it is.
Anyways I digress. 
Today's adventure is in my auto insurance.  So I got my insurance renewal on my car on Saturday. I put "call Allstate" on my to do list and only really got to it today, and that is because I was listening to a cow-erker talk about some work things and the process and it made me remember for some very odd reason.  So I needed to call because I was annoyed that my rate went up like six bucks a month, no big whup except for the fact that really honestly, I am a safe driver, I haven't had an accident since the old guy from BBF t-boned me on 19th and Blake... YEARS ago.. (oh how I miss my daily conversations with  Shaliqua... good times, good times) and I definately don't get caught speeding. Although coming back from a SuperBowl Party I did almost get caught going 60 on Parker by the Aurora PoPo but he pulled over someone else behind me.  Phew.  And what is the worst part of the whole thing, is I know better.  I know where they like to sit and wait.  So it was a complete bonehead move. 
So I was a little curious why my insurance would go up almost a hundred dollars a year.  So dear Allison at Allstate explains that there are new laws which allow personal injury lawsuits to sue for more so that is the cause of part of the increase but agrees my rates are a little high.  Yay!  I am getting excited now I am thinking a little high means at least I can maybe go back to the rate I have been at for the last two years, basically minus the six bucks a month.  And honestly when she called me back to tell me that I can qualify for a boat load of discounts, a new plan and this is a discount of 7% and that is a discount of 5% and yadda yadda I was expecting her to say, well your payments will go down about 10 dollars a month, which I would have jumped at and really honestly been thrilled about.
Ohhhh no..... $60 bucks a month.  That is a lot of fromage my friends.  With the same level of coverage and increased on uninsured motorist which is awesome.

And good news from Daily Danny although I subscribed back in the day when it was Simply Greener - ok a couple months ago when I ordered my bag (hey I subscribed to Organic Style after my Grandma D brought it to me after she subscribed...!!!!)  ... my beloved Green of Goodness bag (thank you again Felicia I heart your attention to me...) is available for purchase.  So you are able to get your very own.  I will tell you its a really great bag, big and roomy, reversible, cheekie, and highly usuable and now that I know I can buy another one I am going to send off for one as a back up.  Sure I have a bunch of Trader Joes bags but I will always be able to use a great bag to carry stuff at work.

And look method has a blog too... sweet. 

and seriously... holy shit...Obama is winning the Colorado caucuses as it stands now.  Not at all what I expected.  Go fig.

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