Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You know what? I missed the Stock Show Parade, which is a bummer, I was sitting at my desk trying to decide if I had enough time to get downtown but obviously didn't make it.

So after dinner tonite (salami and eggs just so you know) I thought I will see if I can find something online about it. But I got side tracked by tv (big surprise I know). I watched Martha and want desperately to grow citrus in my house, the problem is I don't keep the house warm enough during the winter to sustain that, but I want to remember Logee's Greenhouse because they sell coffee trees (and etrog trees too... wow!). I wanted to buy a coffee plant years ago at this coffee shop in Cherry Creek but when I went back after seeing it on the fly once the store had gone out of business and there were no plants anywhere. I don't think I could EVER compete with my beloved Dazbog but what a fun thing to have in my house right?

And then... seriously, I could be in tears about this right now and you would never know but I will let you in on a little secret, kinda a little tearie because why? Oprah Winfrey. Yep Oprah's show and her guests today. I dvr'd it and the episode I am watching is "Face behind the Name". And honestly I am loving .... LOVING the interview with Chuck Williams,the founder of Williams-Sonoma. He is so funny. At 92 he goes into the office still. I honestly need to remember his joy that he finds with his work. I really have to. It has changed everything with me. Sometimes I can be crabby and get really opinionated about some stuff that makes no sense to be caught up in. Thank you Oprah, Thank you Chuck Williams for the ticket to the clue bus. My entire worklife has just turned on a dime, just now. And you dear reader get to witness it. From that one segment.

I did take a picture of the tv to put at my desk. I have a picture of this woman Claudia that he visited in Brazil. She fed Anthony Bourdain and asked the question "what are you hungry for?" not meaning food specifically, it was a spirited visit and touched me, and the food she made looked amazing by the way, here catch the episode from ye olde you tubes....

(and yes because I love you I searched and searched and found it finally...yes it took about 20 minutes....but with the Portuguese subtitles this is priceless .....please Travel Channel don't take away the videos of Bourdain in São Paulo, I am begging).

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four: (this is where you see my inspiration Claudia)

Part Five:

Anyways, the picture that I took of the tv that day and have on my desk should is there to remind me everyday that I need to learn something (which I don't do like I should but need to). Mr. Williams is going right next to it. I know that there are going to be times when I need this reminder.

And heee on watching them make Carmex. Love seeing that family business represented too. The concave is literally in honor of the owner's Dad who used to hand pour out of pyrex. I mean seriously how nice.

I have to be a nicer kinder person on this planet. I am going to, I have to.

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