Monday, January 21, 2008

the pleasure of pain

I sat at my desk this morning eating chocolate babka for breakfast and spying on someone that I used to know on myspace. I feel like such a stalker, but I am not going to look and see what someone is doing, but really honestly what that certain someone looks like. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Ok I will admit it. But seriously, I am harmless. It was more or less curiosity about this someone that got me. And seriously, this is going to sound kind of vicious... not so impressed, the years... not so good to this someone. And I am quite sure should anyone come to my blog to find out what is going on with me, they wouldn't be that impressed either. So I suppose we are even.
Had a miserable time getting out of bed this morning, I was so comfortable and warm. Warm being the operative word. Our offices are so cold today. Well everyday. The air management in this building is awful, just awful. And honestly there ain't enough Dazbog in the universe to get me out of this sleepie mode today.

So my connection timed out and I lost half this entry... better that I did actually. It was almost a post about something kind of personal, which I don't really delve too deeply into here. La douleur exquise... glad its gone. (PS this is why I love french and spanish... the adjective goes second...magic)

I am not at all up for dinner tonite as it will be loud. My dad's cousin and his wife are coming over since my Mom decided to have a Tu B'Shevat Seder. Huh? Really? This is a first ever. All I know is I am tired and slightly cranky and this is going to be not be my favorite thing ever in the world. I really honestly don't know what instigated her doing this but it is nice in a way but really really weird. S & E are completely obnoxious, they mean well, but they don't listen and I can only take them in really really small doses and for someone that hasn't had a cigarette all day I am going to lose it if they are really chatty.

I know its mean, but really I can't take them in more than small doses. Tonite will be torture....again....La douleur exquise.... what a deal.

~~~~~edited to add ~~~~~~
The seder was a treat. I take this back what I wrote before... it was actually really neat. I enjoyed it very much. I got a little weepie (big shock for those that know me really... I know... you will have to read the haggadah we used to try and guess where it was). I look forward to this new little tradition. My Mom went all out as usual and honestly I think we did all have a good time. The conversation wasn't really outrageous and it was interesting to discuss Judaism and our trips to Israel and the difference of when I was there in 1984 and when S was there last year and the year before. He asked if I went to the tomb of Rachel and we didn't. There were many places that we didn't go. I wish I had the money to go again, someday.

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