Friday, January 25, 2008

So today I take the day off so I can clean my carpets, do a deep clean of the house, and wouldn't you know... there is a problem with my building's water and I have none. You don't know what you love until its gone right? Our HOA's management company hasn't updated their message in 6 hours and I sure don't see anyone out here working on anything. Typical. I can go over to my parents house and shower tonite but of course because I don't have any water right now I am whiggin' and want to take a shower now.

There was enough water in the pipes this morning to make a pot of coffee....thank gawd.... so actually to be less dramatic I am totally fine. And Herschel gets his bath reprive too. I think he is really happy to just lounge on the couch and not be bothered and nudged.

It is now 5:01, we have water! Sweet. I just cleaned my kitchen floor. Washed out the panty shelves (thus arranging and rearranging what I have... I have alot of Sesame Almonds from Trader Joes!)

I have four gallons of water put aside just in case. That is enough to fill the tank of my toilet, wash the dishes, wash my hair and have coffee for tomorrow, just in case the fix (a water main broke open) is temporary. And should it not be a temp fix I can use it in the carpet cleaner, water my plants, clean the bathroom out of a bucket and relax knowing I can still accomplish my cleaning albiet a day later than I wanted. And... not that I would EVER actually do this, but there is snow on the ground that I could use for the bathroom. I am so ingenious. But not gunna happen.

I have about a half hour until I have to go out for dinner. I am not really hungry, Sesame Almonds and all.... but it's Borscht Night so duty calls.

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