Thursday, January 24, 2008

shoulda coulda prada honey...move along nothing really to see here...

I always want to support and patronize new ventures in Denver. But I don't. It's sad.
Just for example...
I have wanted to go and either partake in a class at Fancy Tiger or at least buy something crafty to make at home from them since I heard they were opening several years ago. It isn't like I don't know where it is (um helloooo corner of Ellsworth and Broadway... what is that called NoBro or something like that hipster speak), it isn't like I can't get there (I have a car and it is on the mainest streets of Denver and buses go there) or don't want to go, I just haven't made the time. I would love to take a crochet class (I am really terrible at it and a little instruction would be very helpful if I am ever to make anything besides a double link or whateveritiscalled crochet scarf), I almost signed up for a knitting class (but my cousin that I was going to go with was flakey as all get out and it never happened), I mean they had a felting polar bear kit over the holidays that was so precious but I didn't go and they are probably gone. I need to go and find out. Plus they just opened (or about to) a clothing store across the street... business is good and that is magic.
Now I read via This Week in Denver there is a new venture opening called The Shoppe... they have cupcake decorating classes. Seriously. Wednesday nights. 7 to 9. How can I get my ass motivated to go? I am dyin'. And their phone number was once someone I used to know and crush on hard in Junior High School's Grandmother's phone number. Did that make sence? So how can I not go... it might take me a year to get there... just kidding.
One thing at dinner that we talked about last night if not only fleetingly was leasing and real estate and the general mailaise in the market right now. S is a leasing guy and handled a lease for a family member and I worked for a top guy in town (and learned a lot more than I thought I did for the record...). The tenant was supposed to run a jewelry store or anything else zoned B4 but it turned into a tatoo parlor and the owner of the property wasn't all that happy (but it was profitable and they as a tenant paid their rent, their increases etc... so thus the cunundrum). I said that I can only imagine what the owners of the property that house the Anti Gym must think (or maybe they don't care rent checks that don't bounce are rent checks that don't bounce). Wasn't that space supposed to be a day spa or something more upper scale than that? I doubt there was any bait and switch like with the tatoo parlour situation (I mean they do actually sell jewelry, its just more or less un-traditional non finger type rings), but wow... what a trip to go to get some money at the ATM and see the sign in the window. But they pay their rent I am sure and on time and will go with the increases because the location does completely kick ass... so what is a property owner to do? It was an interesting conversation.
And what does this have to do with a Cupcake and Craft store opening? Everything.... Absolutely everything.
There are businesses all over the Metro Denver area that are opening for business in what can only be called tough times. Look at what has happened with the Fed and the stock market just yesterday morning (for archive sake the Fed drastically reduced the interest rate .75% in order to qwell the sell off in the markets this morning... which opened 400 points down after all the international markets sold off yesterday). The government is desperate for a anti-recession market economy stimulus package. Financial markets are a freakin' out about the American economy. Any group of people that would actively take a calculated risk and open a business needs to be... should be... has to be... supported.
And in this morning's email.. Jonathan Adler sends me one more reason to absolutely hate/love him....I mean really... how could I NOT absolutely need these? But for the time being I will have to covet them from afar because seriously... I have another set of his wares I need to buy first. But seriously...dang... the pressure is on. He needs to send another coupon out. Hint Hint Jonathan Adler. I suppose this is one more reason to stay out of Target except for necessities.
With taking tommorrow off from work tommorrow I am juxtaposed with options. Do I stay home and deal with the insanity that is my bedroom closet and the fact that it is packed to a point that actually frightens me or do I boondoggle and road trip? I could easily pack the car and the puppie and be out but the closet really really needs attention.
Listening to "True Dreams of Wichita" by Soul Coughing makes me want to get in the car and drive. Like right now.

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