Monday, January 28, 2008

Buckingham Square Mall

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So I was talking with The Bro tonite and mentioned that Buckingham Square Mall is almost completely demo'd. End of an era. What is really quite amazing is there is actually quite a nice little online series of memorials of sorts.

I had great memories myself of playing and hanging out there, working there and talking to people about being there.

Here is the link that my brother sent: Metroblogging: Denver. And Radhole's link. And a Flickr set...

I have some really great memories of that mall.

We ate at the Round the Corner quite often, I loved ordering from those red phones. And their shoe-string fries were the best.

I still have shoes from Joslins. And a purse or two probably!

I got my debutante dress from Joslins, and remember the moment I tried on that dress, I remember the moment and every thought that went through my mind at that moment. One day that dress will get properly stored by the way.

I worked for Stage (a outpost of Fashion Bar...seriously I mourn the loss of Fashion Bar more than another other store ever...) and had to fill in at the shoe department one day. It was the worst day of retail ever. And I loved retail.

My Grandma P bought me this completely inappropriate bathing suit for my trip to Israel when I was 16 at the Fashion Bar.

I worked at Claire's Boutique a couple of years later and would get freaked out by the chirping bird thing that was in the food place across the hall that would go "off" any time someone walked by.

I remember the Christmas train...and will forever laugh at my brother's story about the Sad Santa.

When I worked in the mall I would do surveys and once got a bottle of Glenlivet about a year before I was legal to drink it which we ended up giving to my Dad's partner who turned out to be a total ass.

I loved the Orange Julius' and Swiss Colony samples.

I dug hanging out with E in Shoe Biz then going to Thirsty's after working all day when he dj'd there.

S and I would hang out in this Chinese restaurant that was run by some mafia guys that had a card game in the back playing pinball pretending not to know what was really going on.

I remember buying "spearmint" gum pack at the Woolworths it was this generic stuff that cracked like no-one's business. L and I would get the BEST damn grilled cheese sandwich's at the counter there too. A side note, near the end they had an indoor crossbow shooting range there that freaked me out and scared me no end.

Fishman and I saw Labrynth at the movie theater there. We took our Israeli exchange students there and saw Purple Rain. The Bro and I saw Flash Gordon there.

I almost worked at MusicLand there but ended up at Aurora Mall where I made them listen to Pet Shop Boys instead of Janet Jackson all the time.

I have some jewelry that I bought at one of the antique shows that they had there twice a year. It was like an amazing indoor touring antique mall.

I remember them tearing down the Montgomery Wards (where my parents bought me a guitar that Toy over tuned and broke the fret board into slivers).

Buster Browns shoes? Yeah I remember it.

The make your own music video place? Yeah I remember that too.

Great memories... and take note, I remember so much more, but family does read this and can't post some of the other memories that I have, but just know that they are really great! Took a bunch of pictures myself that I don't have up on my flickr which is weird. Just the one above.

I think that the new project will be a terrific outpost and a definite upgrade. I look forward to whatever the new project is. I proud of the boys for putting it on the market and moving the property into a current era. It's time had come. I wish I had the money to buy a condo there because I have a feeling the finishes will be gorge.

If I can throw one idea into the fire and leasing process... what about getting a Sunflower? Or heck... court Trader Joes for me. Its highway accessible, have that be their one outpost with a liqour store (I know that won't happen, because they don't open single stores in any market...)But Sunflower wouldn't be bad. Even though the Target will expand probably.

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