Monday, November 14, 2005

Um. Yeah. So not so much really to say other than at 10:00 tonite I was craving Toll House cookies so I made the cookie dough. I just took the dough out of the fridge, they do cook better once they have been chilled for a while (just a little tip for you), turned on the toaster oven, made one cookie and I am in heaven. Well not heaven but boy howdy, there isn't anything more better than a warm cookie right out of the oven when its snowing. Ok roasted marshmallows work too but that craving was handled the other night.

What is it about baking that brings out the happy in me? I just haven't a clue. I always thought that it would be incredible to own a bakery and make things that made people insanely happy, but really... I watched something about Warren Brown and his struggles to get Cake Love off the ground on Food Tv and no thank you. Three years to be profitable enough to START paying off the small business loans? Oy. That is alot of stress. I don't need to go that far into debt and personally potentially devistate myself any further than I am right now under the guise of happy sugary treats for the masses. So I will bake here at home and be fine with it. I am though sometime this week going to try and do some sugar work. I know its crazy and so potentially dangerous because, hello, molten freakin sugar, but I really want to give it a go. I know of a guy who has taken all the pastry courses at one of the culinary colleges here in town and he said, for 50 bucks he would show me a couple of techniques. I don't know if the money is actually worth it but its cheaper than paying for a class right now and he needs the money too. I want to learn how to blow sugar glass balls but that so isn't going to happen. This is something I know for sure. Maybe I can talk him into showing me pastillage and working with it. I saw on Sugar Rush on Food Tv, the little mini paintings from Palena Restaurant in DC that just looked amazing, hard and completely time consuming but amazing and I want to actually try something like that. Just try and get a skill of somesort in this downtown between jobs. I can't have this be a complete loss now can I? Maybe it is the chocolate chunks in the cookie that have me all wacky but why not. Then I will move onto sauces. I still have yet to master the red wine reduction. One day.

This reminds me I need a really good crepe pan.

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