Tuesday, November 15, 2005

look at my latest crush

The light above my kitchen table has a socket that is fried. It is hardly noticable. I mean I see it, but I keep the lights on a dimmer anyways so I just point the fixture and the arm with the socket towards the back of the room and its definately not AS noticable. Last night at dinner I was flipping through a catalouge and I found my new fixture. I saw this in a Florida Design magazine that my Mom recylcled my way a year or so ago. The room was this dark dining room with all this crystal clear effects dripping from the ceiling. I couldn't get over how beautiful it was. I fell deep. Cut it out, put it in my design wishbook. Googled the hell out of the features, never got a hit.

Last night it all came clear.

I will go down to the Layzher tommorrow perhaps and see close up what it actually looks like. And see if they will let me take a close up picture, really I am pretty handy, my Dad is handy, my bro is a freakin' engineer for goodness sake, we can wing something up I am sure. All I know is that I am seriously, almost completely obcessed. And I will not be able to afford that price no matter how "in reach" the design is portended to be... unless something really fabulous happens and I am suddendly really wealthy or employed.

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