Friday, October 21, 2005

Well I will have pleanty of time to catch up on my taped stuff! Just kidding (sorta). For those in the "know" I have been pretty much been fucked with the last say three weeks in the job situation. I was told to do one thing, but then apparently it wasn't the right thing to do, so today at about 2:00 I got an email from one of the floater secretaries asking me if she should know anything special as she is going to be covering my desk on Monday.

So I immediately went to HR, who hadn't been told anything. But the ax fell about a half hour later.

I have to thank that floater secretary because really... honestly... with all my heart, I thank her.

I had the satisfaction of going into T's office and saying "is there something I should know since I just got this email". Having him not look up from his computer, having him say "oh nothing, there is a misunderstanding" and knowing just knowing that honey, there ain't no misunderstanding. You obviously have mistaken me for someone with out a brain.

In the "exit Interview" of sorts, T tells me that I am a deer in headlights and am unable to understand what it is that they are looking for in an admin. Whatever. There is nothing I am going to say or do to change him or his mind, so I gave my pass card (which I had with me...since... um hellooooo I know what is going down) and went to my desk to finish up cleaning it out like I started and walked to my car, head held high I hope. HR told me I was doing really well to which I told her, I knew this was in the works, I just didn't expect today. She shrugged. Then she told me to file unemployment (which was nice, I suppose) I hope I don't have to.

I got the uber sastisfaction of apparently breaking the news to HR and then I also was fortunate enough to be able to tell the other couple of people that I work for that as of right now, I don't work there really any more.

It sucks sure. But...knowing that I knew about it before T wanted me to, absolutely and totally rules. There is some real satisfaction in knowing that.

He sat in this meeting like he was my BFF and he did nothing but demean me and treat me like I am incompetent for the last six months. So he put on a show for HR. Fine. My act was sweeter because I have dignity and would never ever throw a coworker under the bus like he did.

I am also secure enough to know that I did the absolute best that I could given what I was given.

Valentine: Thank you so much for putting up with my kvetching for the last three weeks. You really honestly have no idea how much I just adore you and appreciate you. Words publically on some blog are not enough.

The lesson learned? Don't trust that people really have your best interests for you or that their act of caring means anything. In others that is. With me... what you see is what you get. No act. No bullshit. A desire to please, a willingness in six months to take maybe two lunches and to work hard. It meant nothing, and now I am free to find someone that will appreciate it. And you bet your sweet ass I booked that overtime for this week.