Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hello. My name is Zoe and I take pictures of the tv.

But seriously... look its Liza on freakin' Martha (from a couple weeks ago, I didn't want to post it... I really didn't, I mean what does that really say about me?) and she is acting all nutz putting crawfish up to her head like accessories. I mean I flippin' love it. I didn't though (dear Martha all apologies) need to nor was at all interested in watching you get a facial (but your boobs did appear perkie and your skin is flawless) but how about saving us viewers the torture of having to watch that ok? Just go get your facials and keep us entertained watching the real celebrities doing crazy shit with shellfish. Tommorrow Christina Applegate makes what is that you say, cupcakes...mmm perhaps that will be ok. Friday now, seriously Friday? My camera will be pointed at that tv screen like my life depends on it. Carol Freakin' Channing is going to be on. I have a white Carol Channing wig that I bought for Halloween. I just have to find the right sailor suit. Please all that is heavenly and glorious, please let her be wearing a sailor suit. And if she wears a hat, I will flip out.

Carol Channing is the best for the kitsch in me. And if she sings a line from Hello Dolly, I seriously very well my tinkle a little bit because I am laughing so hard.

I love the New Martha Martha Stewart show. I have gotten more material out of it than I ever thought that I would.

My Grandma Dorothy would be very disappointed I appear to make fun, but really... I am quite enjoying it. And Martha says "um" alot. Not so perfectly planned out are we? And she bitched about a recipie in Julia Child's cookbook not working and she was mad and wrote Julia Child about it.... seriously Martha? I have a stack of your books where there is that same problem, one step ommitted or an ingredient...what about "Alexis' Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookie" recipe, sorry, something is just off and the cookies are brown flipping flat discs and suck, answer my letter woman? No don't spend your time answering my letter kvetching....bring on the Broadway caberet and show tune singin' stars... every flippin day... please, its fantastic. Posted by Picasa

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