Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Watching the slow burner : One Mississippi on Amazon and climbing out of the hole of 2017

Sigh.... it's so so very good.  I am four episodes in and it makes my emotions burst right open.

I am not a big fan really of Tig Nitaro ... I should say I wasn't really a big fan.  The dry humor and humanity is slaying me.  This show captures LA (as in Louisiana not Los Angeles because ew.... the people weren't as nice) as I would imagine it to be from my small experience.  Anyways.  It's really pretty amazing of a little show.  

It's a nice way to wrap up a year of inhumanity and icky people all around me influencing me in not so great ways.  

I hate that every conversation is predicated with politics.  I hate that I left Facebook because it permeated every post that I was force fed from the Zuck.  I hate that algorithms and outside sources that I have absolutely no control over determine what I learn about what is happening in this world. So will go back to made up universes of quirky slightly beyond sad people that are slowly doing their best to climb out of those holes.

Because I think it's a metaphor unbeknownst to me when I started watching that it's where we are all at right now.

Whether its our (my opinion here are in parens.... my opinion ok) jacked up elected officials, both local and national, our economy (which is think is going to crash hard here soon... at least locally... there is no way our city can sustain this growth... no way), our infastructure (now that there is a law with tax cuts there is no money to fix what is broken... see national dummies f'n shit up), sex scandals and harassment scandals left and right (I mean I want to start a pool to see who is next and what woman will be the first to be accused... it's going to happen and part of me is YAY and part of me is YAWN... AND?) and (seriously this does actually weigh heavily on me from day to day) the gawddamn amount of great podcasts out there to listen to.

We are all just trying to get through it.

I am here for you.  I am an ear if you need it.  

It's Tuesday after Christmas 2017 and I am starting my goal setting for 2018 today so that I can dig out of this mess of borderline depression I was in most of the year.  The holiday season this year almost put me over the edge.  I was so anxiety ridden by it all I really did go into seclusion of sorts.  I hid from friends, worked with headphones on (not really listening to anything) and couldn't concentrate on much.  I faced it.  I didn't apologize and claimed it but I have to set goals to get out of it so that is what I am working on starting today.

Fez joked about going shopping today since he doesn't have to work... I joked back that yeah it would be great to go to Kohl's, Target, the Mall and the Outlets today... we should and then I came back up stairs and printed out a calendar and am working on putting a planner together that is frankensteined from ideas from other ones that I have paid for thoughout the years that I have liked but never 100% done.   The perfect one is out there.  Last year I found a couple and only 1 is offering a pdf which is HUGELY disappointing but I suppose they anticipate folks will want to pay and use for a year.  I use one element and then meh.  

BUT BUT BUT... if you really want to know what I have stuck with... Ms. Angela Trinidad has herself a gorgeous business plan, outlook and design asthetic and I do love her Passion Planner.  I have backed her many Kickstarters but honestly and this is where my inability to commit to a planner/calendar comes in... never actually used her planner... My GAWD.... I heart her though... so much.

My MiL has one of the full size and I looked at it yesterday... it is actually pretty nice and pretty close to what I would want.  I may have to check into the smaller 5 x 8 size.... I have a Blue Sky Day Designer that I use daily for the list making stuff... but I only use really the two bigger columns... and lets be clear here the time column only has the check in time at the office and the box list is my to do or what I have accomplished... I do not use the other goal type fields... so I am VERY uncommitted.  

Sigh. But like the characters on the show... I am finding my way... slowly and hopefully entertainingly. 

More to come... 

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