Sunday, April 16, 2017

Notes on White Fur by Jardine Libaire - just the beginning because I just started

I just have come off of a roundtable at the MCA of Denver for the Basquait before Basquait exhibition.  It was a general talk more about the time in NYC than Basquait actually and it was divine.  Really it was great. The panel took us to the places around the Village that they frequented and told stories and anecdotes about their experiences. It was wonderful.  Really great.  

I have always thought that I would haved loved to have been in New York around that time...I wouldn't have been so bold to become an artist but I would have been fringe to them, a patron and salon hostess perhaps to those who inspired me.  The times are different now.  I try to open myself up to creative ventures and read alot about them to find inspiration for my little daliances!

So when I got the opportunity to read a preview copy of White Fur by Jardine Libaire I jumped on it. Immediately.  Like ... I got the email, read the preview paragraph and said "oh hell yes".

The book opens in a motel room in Wyoming.  I suppose the remainder of the book takes us on the journey to this time. 

I knew I would love this book when in chapter two/ January 1986 there is this line: "One Lucky Charm lies bloated in the drain".  That to me is some beautifully nuanced scene setting.  

I anticipate I will enjoy this book alot.  

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