Tuesday, July 12, 2016

So... there are some lifestyle blogs out there that I used to subscribe to...

I ceased doing so earlier today for a couple of reasons.  

It wasn't really a huge loss actually.  I have been bombarded with the fancy white backgrounds and too good to be true styling for over a year since I started following these two blogs.  It was enough.

But what interested me has now faded significantly.  Once I realized that one blog was so riddled with typos and uncredited content I just pulled it from my pinterest and my feedly.  Four headers misspelled, one picture was inserted that I knew I had seen before and looked at the html and source code and it linked back directly to the site that the image technically was stolen from, which was the other blog that I was following (again that had completely unrealistic pictures of parties and food.... styled to the shit for sure and beautiful, but no way am I ever going to make cocktails with six different shaped fruits on a stick as a garnish) with no credit on the page anywhere.  It offended me so much.  Unsubbed from the weekly newsletter and in the "why are you leaving us" comment box... I actually said, " You suck by not spell checking (then included a link to the articles) and then said as someone that posts pictures to a blog shame on your stealing from (blog cited) and not saying thanks anywhere for the stolen images, sad and not someone I trust with setting my taste levels".  

I know that this was VERY strong language, but, it was important.  To me. 

Onto other details going on in my world.

Real life kind blows right now. 

I am becoming a clock watcher as well.

But my pod mate is freakin hillarious, allows and encourages my sarcasm and it's the only thing that is keeping me sane.  

BUT the real moral of the story.... please spell check and quote your sources and images.

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