Friday, December 21, 2012

I hate hate hate the press junket rehash of this NY Magazine blogger and have to blog myself about it....

BTW I am not insane, I would never actually cause physical harm to a blogger because he doesn't know what he posts about.  I am just VERY educated and passionate about the  Denver Colorado / Neal Cassady / Jack Kerouac / Beat Movement venn diagram so I do know about what I speak and really want the facts being reported correctly and not disseminating the myth and watering it down.

This movie may do that, who knows.  I won't see it in the theater unless I can go and hold hands with my documentary producing friend (so we can possibly be annoyed together - you can see more about her project below).  Other than that like all Beat related movies I will wait until I can watch from the comfort of my living room where I can yell openly at the screen.

So here is the article that has me so annoyed:  Kristen Stewart and Garret Hedlund interview in Vulture Magazine: Discuss Their Revealing On the Road:

I hate this interview, the interview, the salacious-ness of what this interviewer and blogger for Vulture is trying to do.  I doubt the movie is ALL about boobs and sex and sex and boobs and Buscemi being ass fucked.    Seriously I hate this press junket interview b.s. so much I want to personally email the guy and tell him he is a fucktard for not fact checking, then email his editor for not fact checking. Or ever reading the book even, or probably watching the movie.

For the record:  Neal Cassady, subject and anti-hero/hero of On the Road... did not grow up in the heartland.  He was born in Utah and  grew up here in Denver, Colorado with his dad. That's about the furthest from the Heartland as I can think of.

Want even more awesome proof?  My friend Heather has a documentary in the works talking about this very thing. Would you mind interviewing her about her movie Kyle Buchanan?

I do know of what I write.  I spent about 10 years researching and working to develop a documentary and script about this piece of Denver's history and the guy at the center of it.  I was focusing on the disappearing architecture and people of the time and then into his later years driving the bus for Ken Kessey.  I then got wrapped up in his wife and children and their stories and honestly when I reached out to Carolyn through a publishing contact I got a loud and resounding no.  So sadly I didn't get the go aheads from some of the people I needed and how thrilled am I that years later (and learning about it at the most fateful night of my life at the Bluebird) that many of the people I couldn't get to be involved were now and they agreed  for her.  She is someone I consider a friend  and is bringing the story albiet a very different tack from what I wanted to light. Its a GREAT GREAT story and I am so proud of Heather - go check out the Kickstarter page and watch the presentation she really has done something really great - See the Kickstarter here!  PS they made their financial the movie/documentary is on it's way!  I would want to hold her hand while watching this in the theater... PS she is really hot.  Hi Heather....!!!!

And all transparencies here - I haven't pledged to back the documentary yet.  I am just financially not flush and I am hoping by the 28th I can contribute... promise.

So the whole point of this Rantie Ranterson Rant is:

Neal was from Denver baby... so fuck you Kyle Buchanan for being completely inaccurate.  Congrats on the press junket though... those are always kind of fun.

The movie is said to be close to the book... have you even read it Kyle?  Did you attend the screening at the junket Kyle?  I doubt it, you seem to be focusing on the sex and while Neal definitely liked it, that IS NOT THE POINT OF THE BOOK or THE MOVIE (I hope).

Whatevs... but seriously... if you are going to write something, be accurate, so people don't want to punch you.

~~~~~Edited mere moments after publishing ~~~~
From the director but a different interviewer:

For the record the scroll was a telegraph roll, not a handmade roll of paper.

But better interview at least

And here is the review from the same interviewer that makes me almost want to call up Heather and ask her out on a movie date.  Seriously if she EVER reads this I hope she realizes that I am totally not joking.

My guy would be ok with it, he actually would be happy to go and sit in another part of the theater I am guessing... anyways here is the movie review from Vulture. And far truer to the real lives lived so I am grateful.

If you see the movie tell me your thoughts!  I am really interested to hear people's opinions!

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