Friday, November 11, 2011

not much inspiring on ye olde home front but heres what I have been upto!

So it's been a really slow and uninspired couple of weeks.  BUT I think (and this might just be the caffiene pulsing through my system at this very moment) that things are looking up.  I am actually looking to pick up my cameras and go and try and push myself to think outside the box... any assignments I should consider?  Within reason of course.

So it's 11:11:11 (Nigel Tufnel Day... get it? ) and I hope that this magical day finds you all well and taking advantage of this most exciting of days.  11 is my friend Suzettes's favorite number so I just know she is bounding up stairs and dancing in her chair at work.  She doesn't live here or I would send her 11 cupcakes.  But oh well.

  • Rue Magazine - this is online and available through ISSU and at this site - really great design sources and ideas!
  • Google Chrome - the Firefox wasn't working and updating at work properly (I was using the portable version because of my company's firewall) so I have moved onto Chrome.  At work it's great at home it sucks.  Totally weird. 
  • Of a Kind - limited edition artisnal items... there are great items here to be discovered
  • One Pretty Thing - actually it's a link aggregation of some really lovely projects and stuff 

Items wish listed

Items bought

Movies and TV watched

Books read:
  • Stopped reading Goodnight Steve McQueen - certainly when I started reading it I read it with a British Accent in my head but it got annoying and the story really didn't seem to go anywhere so I stopped reading it and put it away.
  • Started reading But Enough About Me - her story is similar to mine only in that I worked interviewing and working on a music video program called Teletunes and that I met some amazing and interesting people and artists... it's slightly gossipy and incredibly EASY to read... I will be sad when it's over I think...

Things I have cooked
  • Bacon Jam (again)
  • Tacos
  • Pasta with Pesto (made with peas and spinach and basil)

PS I totally have stolen this idea from the Pugly Pixel website and blog, whose design skills and tutorials are amazing!  I don't know where she finds her energy but obviously it's incredibly inspiring!

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