Friday, September 23, 2011

I have a pinterest sure... but here are other things I found awesome and worth sharing


Items wish listed
  • One or 400 things that I didn't actually wish list is the Missoni line at Target, jagged stripes aren't my thing... I like solids (I officially played NO part in crashing the website)
  • Leather Lug Sole boots- to replace last years
  • a couple of books on Amazon (again when they go under a buck in the used... I am on it)

Items bought
  • BEHÖVD coffee carafe - It isn't my favorite but it was $8.00, I may not ever use it since it doesn't pour well

  • Lillhomen towel rack for my kitchen or my bathroom, I haven't decided yet.  I really wanted the four hanger one but they were out.  This will do. 

Movies and TV watched
  • Didn't really watch any movies but did marathon the first half of the first season of Wilfred with F
  • Working on getting Boardwalk Empire Season One watched before Season Two Starts
  • Currently also catching up on Dexter before it's new season begins as well

Books read:
  • Still working on the Jonathan Ames book.  I hope to finish it this weekend and start another one that I was loaned. 

Things I have cooked
  • Swedish meatballs (from Frozen IKEA FOOD) - sadly I found them kinda not good, but Herschel LOVES them so I am happy to give him a couple every morning
  • Thai Noodles with chicken
  • Chipotle (the spice not the brand) Chicken Burritos with black beans
  • Macaroni and Cheese (ok I microwaved it from Trader Joes... I didn't actually cook anything)
  • seriously, I made the best damned Grilled Cheese with Swiss of my life this week
  • Thai noodles with tofu (totally underwhelmed on my tofu cooking skills)

IPhone Apps Added
(this is one of sites I go to / have in my reader and get the pointers and freebee alerts-

  • Grungetastic - it was on sale - I think it's slightly overrated (I will delete it probably)
  • Snapseed - free on the day that I bought it
  • TtV PS - Photo editing again... guess what ... free
  • TTV Camera - Multiple options for retro camera viewfinders - ok this one I paid .99 for... looks neat
  • Nabit - for multiple exposure action shots (much like the Tate's Muybridgizer)
  • Forkly - another fun social networking app using the twitter or facebook API and a love of food (PS they are Denver guys.... ) we eat out and I have no shame pulling out my phone... so lets see how long I remain interactive on it!
  • Psychedelic Furs and the Tom Tom Club - Summit Music Hall 
  • TV on the Radio - Ogden Theater
  • Dwarves - Bluebird Theater
  • Slim Cessna's Auto Club - 3 Kings

PS I totally have stolen this idea from the Pugly Pixel website and blog, whose design skills and tutorials are amazing!  I don't know where she finds her energy but obviously it's incredibly inspiring!

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