Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It seems like cupcakes and cakes in a jar are the new "thing".  In my reader this morning there were at least 8 posts about it in different food blogs all about cupcakes in a jar.  I am though really impressed by this recipe (and I have added it very quickly to my pinterest).  Now if I could only find the stupid jars.  F and I were at the Mercury Cafe for Gorinto one night and spent a good little bit talking about and looking at sites for pie in a jar (and here is Not Martha's recipe, I trust Megan's recipes by the way), apparently there was lots of talk about it at a meeting at his job.  Couldn't find the jars then and still can't find them now which is maddening.   Now because of all the nutso cupcake behaviour in this town it is going to be worse.  This adds a layer of of more frustration to the "want to do" baking craft.

I haven't really had all that much going on.  I have really just been laying low and trying to get motivated to clean for spring, clean for pesach and clean because I am starting to get cluttered again. 

The other night I took Herschel out to tinkle and ran into the gal that shares a wall of her unit with mine in the dining room area me. She is a really nice lady, quiet, minds her own business and an elementary school teacher.  So in my world .... saint.

Anyways.  We were talking about our neighbors past and present and she said that she had recently redone her interior. Like kinda gutted the kitchen and redid it, re-carpeted and painted.  I had no clue.  See what I am saying about quiet.  I didn't even hear any thing. I don't really think in terms of her taste level for what she did but the work that was done was great.  I am very seriously considering hiring her interior decorator to come in and do her magic on my kitchen which desperately needs a step up into non-buildergrade cabinetry.   My neighbor had her cabinets refaced, the drawers redone and the lighting updated.  Her counters are fixed and a new sink was put in.  I don't know about appliances but I got that covered over the summer myself last year. 

I really have to say it was lovely, totally not to my taste but really nicely done and classy.  And now that I know there is someone that did the work, knows the intricacies of our units and designed for it already, I might just save a little bit. I think it is going to not be an inexpensive project but in the long run it might make my condo more sellable.  I am not looking to move but certainly I will at some point so why make all the updates and not be able to enjoy them. I mean why shouldn't I have nice counter tops?  I am though thinking about staying away from the granite and going corian or silestone.  I think the whole granite slab counter tops are played.  When I was in the "business" I saw some really amazing rock slab available but now, I don't have access to that and besides at retail it would be WAY too expensive and silly to spend that kind of money for my tiny little joint.  So I am happy to say it's not even an option. 

My June event is coming along pretty well.  I am still looking for artists to submit their Tom Waits related artwork so if you know anyone that would be interested, send them my way.  As I get closer I am thinking about commissioning some work from Etsy artists but that may just be my desperation planning that far in advance. 

So thats about all I got.  What about you?


Mike Wolfson said...

Those jars can be bought at King Soopers. I bought some recently to try Meyer Lemon Jelly (which didn't turn out that good). A flat of 16 jars was surprisingly cheap (less than $10 if I remember correctly).

Zoe said...

@ Mike: Yeah first place I looked was Kings because I was going to make the pie in a jar for F. But they had none, I need straight sided jars too which makes it even trickier, now I was making Mom's Pickles... I would be golden! Maybe this summer though.