Tuesday, February 15, 2011

12 Stepping Family Guy Style.

12 Stepping Family Guy Style by M Dougherty.

I post this not because it's whittie or anything more interesting than back say like ::cough cough:: 1997 when I was making my fabulously amazing and whitty Swoon online profile (remember Swoon? I do and fondly, that is when the online singles sites were NOT creepy), I put that I was a teatottler because I thought it sounded like I was cute. Cute and stupid more. I didn't know what that meant. I kept it up there though once my friend at the time Sarah actually told me what it meant, I thought "huh, I can't change it because I like the way it sounds". Not a single person I met even questioned me. SKMCD (hey my friend, I miss the crap out of you... and am listening to Ben Folds right now to prove it) and drank ourselves silly once.

So there you are. Nothing great nor important or even interesting, other than I am listening to Ben Folds and thinking of SKMCD and how fun and innocenst those times were.

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