Tuesday, November 09, 2010

oops... missing the everyday thing... but I have a good reason!

Oh crap.  Yeah this everyday post thing in November? Yeah that didn't work out so good.  Traveling to NY got in the way.  I didn't even think about finding a way to post to Blogger every day.  Ooops.  Probably should have thought that out a little better.

But here is the deal... I went to NYC, had an AMAZING time.  I can't even put it into words just yet.  I will save that for a little later I guess.  Just know that we walked allllll over and covered some incredible ground in a few days and nights.  And I got to see the Pee Wee Herman Show on Broadway.  It was fun.  The show I mean.  Pleanty of current funny asides but it was pretty much the HBO special which was comforting as heck because I knew what to expect once it started.  We were walking out and saw Michael Musto walking up the aisle.  Eep.  Legend.

Also saw Wallace Shawn on the street.  He smiled and looked just like I would expect him to. He just looked soooooo nice.  I said "hey".  F thinks I am a dork. But that was a fun quintessential moment for me. 

Here is the run down of everywhere we went area wise from F's run down: "East Village, West Village, Chelsea, Soho, Nolita, Lower East Side, the Bowery, Midtown, Times Square, Upper East Side, downtown Brooklyn and Ft. Greene. That's pretty impressive it was mainly by foot. "

We ate so well, hit a couple of trendy places, and went to some amazing off the normal path as well.
I am really lucky to have had such a great tour guide.  I will post pictures up on Flikr here in a bit, but I have over 2000 pictures from my camera and phone to go through.  Once I post that I will get a proper wrap up online too. 

But the big picture wrap up?

Possibly the best trip.  It certainly was a great vacation.  I haven't actually left town in over 5 years for a vacation.  I have gone out of town for work trips and one night road trips for shows but this absolutely was a true vacation. It was lovely. 

So... back to the real world tomorrow and work and all that goes with that, but I love my job and am glad to go back!
Thank you F for the great time, the great tour of your city and I am thrilled that I got to go there with you!  We will have to go back and I promise that we will make it to the observation deck at Rockafeller Center... although it was nice going over there at Midnight!

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