Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Denver has a burgeoning food truck scene. It seems that this gastronomical phenomenon is country wide. You can see the Food Truck Race on Food TV and the Cooking Channel. It's the "in thing" right now. It will pass, food fads always do, but in the meantime it's always a pleasure to happen across Denver's great chef's cooking out of trucks. I have to admit, I totally love it.

We have partaken in the Waffle Brother's yummy sugary waffles (at their storefront actually but it started on a cart), the fabu burgers from Stuebens at the UMS this year, walked by but talked to Dylan Moore of the Orange Rocket from Deluxe (we weren't into the idea of ceviche at the time...) and had a GREAT conversation,picked up a loki moki from the Steamin' Demon from Watercourse and City O'City, picked up cupcakes from the Cupcake Truck at Jazz in the Park a few weeks back, and I have gotten a cheese steak or three.

What I found today (via Cafe Society's blog on Westword) a fine gentleman in Denver has built an entire website that will closely follow the trend and the vendors and their locations....

Please to enjoy: From Denver with Fries !

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