Friday, July 09, 2010

Warning: New photo app LOMORA, read carefully before buying

Being a big time photo app user on my IPhone (ps I love you Hipstamatic) I am always on the look out for new and fun ways to use my camera on the IPhone. I found this very interesting review of another app on the Iphoneography website and found the information valuable enough to share: see.... the app is $1.99 then every 36 shots it costs you another .99 cents. Don't get me wrong, I have a fridge shelf full of expired traditional film which I roll into a rolliflex and take standard photos with but to pay 99 cents for the pleasure of doing so digitally is a little wonkie. So... read on and make sure to read allllll those descriptions on those apps when you by them kiddos!

(and for the record, this wasn't an app that I bought ever... but wanted to push the information out in the world).

Warning: New photo app LOMORA, read carefully before buying: "Today my attention was drawn to a new photo app that appeared in the AppStore, but for all the wrong reasons. I'm not going to post the apps description, because I want to draw your attention to the following key elements of this app.

First off the app is described as 'a revolutionised lomo camera app. Basically this app is in between real film lomo and digital lomo. The way you interact with this app is like you will never get from other camera app'. This last part of the statement is very true, as you will discover by reading on.

The description then goes on to say 'LOMORA provides it's own store, which call the LOMORA Store', in other words, in app purchases, where 'Each film is just sold at $0.99. The film will run out after 36 taken photos'. Now it is this section that you should read very carefully, as you will discover as reader SCW did, that each film you buy for $0.99 will only let you shoot 36 photos before running out, just like real film, and just like real film, you will have to buy it again and again, now if this is not a money making opportunity, then I don't know what is.

The developer then goes on to say 'Actually, the selling of film is not all about earning money only' (which it clearly is), adding 'Imagine what's the benefit of selling film just like in real life. You might own films that your friend doesn't have, you can either share to them, or discuss with them about what film is good to capture what scene or you can also show off to them'

The developer then finishes off by saying 'For those who don't have enough budget to play lomo in real life, this app is definitely your next best choice', which at $1.99 for the app and endless $0.99 per 36 exposure films, is far from a cheap alternative to the real thing, and as SCW pointed out, the resolution of this app is only 681x1024.

My advice is avoid this app like the plague, but if you do buy it, beware of what you are buying in to.

UPDATE @ 18:00 GMT on 8th July 2010: I just got word that Apple are investigating this app, so let's hope the do the right thing.

AppStore Link: LOMORA

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