Saturday, January 10, 2009

sometimes magic is just MAGIC

Ok so I fell madly in love with Rob's Mom's cheese straws. Established. Made some of my own. Established. Freaked out that the die in the cookie press matched Rob's Moms. Yeah blah blah blah Zoe, why you walking me down this road of we already know?

Well remember I said that using my Grandma D's cookie press waxed me a little nostalgic and happy that I can have this new tradition going with this and how thrilled I was to be using it? Yeah well, I just went to put everything back in the box and there was this piece of paper on the bottom. There was a recipe in my Grandma D's handwriting but it was my Grandfather's first wife's (who I knew) recipe because in HER handwriting there was an additional note at the bottom. I shed a tear or 10.

This is such an amazing treasure I can't get over it. Now I have to make the cookies tomorrow I think. So totally freakie. But so amazingly neat I am kvellin'.

Ok I am outta here for the evening... I have some bitness to take care of and some magic to make happen, I need to spread this around. I just couldn't let this moment go undocumented on the cloud and put the coolest thing this evening for me out there in the world so hopefully you can be touched by a little something magical and special yourselves tonite!

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