Thursday, January 01, 2009

Resolution Schmesolution

So the last couple of days the talk around the "water cooler" (that really is my crystal bowl of caramel kisses at my desk) is resolutions. Personally I think they are bullshit. Wishfull thinking and pressure on what otherwise could be a relaxing day.  A couple of the gals insist that they are making them and going to stick to them this year.  Yeah right.

One gal insists that she is going to take the stairs every day (we are on the 6th floor of our building) both up and down at least once each day. Bully for her.  She won't do it as long as she wants and as a good person I won't call her on it either, but I wish her the best.  Go girl... you walk those stairs.  I have way too many tchotchkes with me on any given day and run the risk of tripping and falling down the stairs and ending up with a pez character stuck in my eye because I have to have it in my bag for no other reason than I think everyone should have a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser with them at all times.

My resolution: drink more good coffee, smooch on F more, eat at a new restaurant (to me at least) once a month and cook a meal at my house once a week.  See, its all about gluttony, lets face it. 

Going against the trend resolution wise, but seriously... why deny myself anything?

Honestly I have held back on quite a bit the last couple of years, not really denying myself anything but certainly not really seeking... and while 2008 full of amazing things, I really think 2009 is going to seriously kick major ass.  Let's be honest here, just you and me, for a quick sec... Words will be said, moments will be had and honest to betsy not at all what I fashioned for myself a couple of years ago when I thought about what might happen to me and for me in my future. It is really pretty crazy and good and wonderful actually. 

I am fortunate to have a great job.  I certainly hope and pray that I am fortunate enough to keep it.  There are great things on the horizon workwise as well for me I feel. 

I feel a little badly posting that I have hope.  Isn't that the worst?  Its really sad.  I know that there are so many people out there that are miserable in their jobs, stressing about money, worried about bills, and on and on.  I do have concerns SURE I DO, don't think that I am that cavalier that I don't understand there are no certainties but I feel like there are more possibilities! 

So I wish you greatness and joy and love and happiness and success in 2009 and always for that matter.  Happy 2009 and if you do choose to hit that resolution train I wish you all the best!


Sarah said...

I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing and what you were up to. I'm glad to see that things are going so well and you're really happy.

Have a great 2009 and btw, I think that resolutions are a waste of time, too.


Zoe said...

Thanks for "droppping" by! Hopefully we will see you out and about a Velvet Cash show or something (barring any last minute kitchen sink drain drama, ha ha!) Are your kids in College yet?!

Troop 2093 said...

I do plan to make a Velvet Cash show again someday. Perhaps my kids will cooperate and not schedule things that I need to drive them to every weekend!

Not quite college, but certainly closer more quickly than I ever imagined. Mars starts middle school next year which blows my mind. Phoebe's only in 2nd grade which is much less worrisome!

Hopefully I'll see you sometime soon.