Monday, September 29, 2008

Hi... how are you....

I don't have much to report. Seriously.  I had probably what was a very mellow weekend for the first time in a long time.

Friday Night I went to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the Ogden.  First of all, I bought the tickets back in May the day they went on sale because I wanted to make sure I would get in.  I didn't know what my status would be for any comp list and didn't want to assume anything so I made sure I made the investment and buy them immediately as they went on sale. So I sat at my desk all day Friday trying to not get all twitterpated about it.  I knew I was getting in and F would too.  It was all good. I get to the Ogden and see that the show is sold out.  Woot! I am so totally getting in for sure and I am glad I didn't hesitate back months ago.  I call F, he said to not sell my tickets because he might not have comps... duh.  I am watching the ticket selling guys totally eyeball chicks and be really gross about it.  There are alot of people hanging wanting to buy tickets.  F gets there, gets his photo pass and comps and I sell my two tickets (and totally only for face value, even less than what I paid for them actually since I paid for shipping ... bygones... its all about the good concert karma... sold to one guy whose friends were supposed to come back for him but didn't and one other guy that really wanted in but didn't want to pay the scalpers prices...).  I have to admit I got quite a charge from the whole thing.  Adrenaline rush.  We walk in and F is nervous about something, I don't know what, he just seemed really edgy.  Go get your photo spot my friend go, I can handle myself.  I head upstairs to the balcony but it is already packed and I can't see shit, so I go to stage right by the beer hut under the stairs.

Fun spot actually. Talked to Michael from Atlanta by way of Canada, eh, who was in Denver to see the Sigour Ros show at Red Rocks on Saturday and was just bonused by the Nick Cave show.  He was really funny and super interesting.  We had a great time talking about music, what shows I should see if they come through town and the like.  He totally made fun of the schmuck who was standing really close to me behind me who actually got off the phone call he was on to ask me to move my purse because it was bothering him... now for sure I am not going to asshole. 

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds were AMAZING.  He kicked my ass all over the place and in all sorts of ways.  I had a great view, could barely take one good picture because there was way too much going on around me and on me.  I would have stayed where I was but F texted me from the balcony so I cruised up there for perhaps the second half of the show.  I normally wouldn't link to anything but Westwords review but the Denver Post one is better.... sorry but.... it is. Ok I was up in the balcony for the last six songs it looks like.  Anyways so great, so great a show.  I was sad when it was over.  LIke bummed for a minute. 

Went to the Meadowlark after for a little bit then came home.  Brunch in the morning and that really was the excitement for the weekend.  Usually I am more go go gadget girl go, but it didn't work out that way, I just chilled out most of the weekend. 

 I did watch Sex and the City the movie last night.  For a buck at Red Box why not.  It wasn't awful but I will say I am so sorry for any dude that had to accompany his woman to see it. I will also add there really all that much for the gays.  It was 2 1/2 hours of complete estrogren rage.  Chick flick.  The men BARELY had a chance. I thought it was cliche' that at new years Stanny and Mario CAntatonie kissed... blah... Stanny could do much better I think than some queen wedding planner bitch boy.  I hope any person with a Y Chromosome has recovered and his testicles have grown back because wowza, I would have felt really badly if I had shlepped F to see it, that could have completely emasculated the guy for a while.  I like him masculine, so I won't ever bring it up just that it might rub off a little bit.  He would have probably slept through it actually.  But sitting alone on my couch on a Sunday evening was fine.  But seriously it was really long.  That is a really long movie for what was once a half hour dedicated and now in syndication 22 minutes. 

I have finally caught up on most of my work work here at the office. Now what do I go and do take off a couple days for the New Year... oh and L'Shana Tova to you and you and you by the way.  I have some serious cleaning I think I will do this afternoon, files and files and files of crazy both hard copies and electronic.  I do not celebrate the second day of Rosh Hashana traditionally meaning I don't necessarily go to shul or anything but being that Tuesday night I am cashing in a rain check I anticipate being up and out late so why not take advantage of the hours that I have available to use for time off.  I have about 3 1/2 weeks in my PTO bank and if I don't use them then eventually I won't accumulate anymore time off so I should really try and utilitze what I got you know?

I am also courting not donating my hair.  I am really getting annoyed by the amount of hair falling out in my sink due to breakage and the fact that I can't find a strengthening shampoo that works.  Plus when I find hair in F's beard and on Herschel from the carpet... gross.  Seriously GROSS.  Plus I am totally in love with the haircut on Dirty Sexy Money Nate's wife on the show (Zoe Mclellan... google image it yourself I can't from work...).  I need to have a come to jebus meeting with myself, list out the pros/cons etc.  Its so completely anal and stupid but honestly I am at about whits end with it.  I could totally get it all cut off tomorrow and not feel once ounce of regret but I am on this quest of sorts, but it is getting awful the amount of hair breakage I am dealing with here. 

I also tried on a $188 dress at Anthropolgie yesterday that actually fit.  It fit well too but um seriously? That is alot of scratch to spend on a tshirt dress basically.  I also hate the dress over jeans look that they show on the model online... tacky.  But it was cute.  I am not buying though. 

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