Friday, August 29, 2008


Ok this is serial.... (guess which episode of South Park I watched last night... i am completely serial)...It is 5:10 in the evening, the Friday before Labor Day and I am still at work. Still diligent on my job.  Loving my job...LOVEing IT... let me tell ya.  Not.  Well sorta. 

I just calculated what I am making OT wise and cha ching mothas, I am happy with the dough so I am not complaining at all.  It will justify my love at Viva Burrito on the way home.  Since I can't get to Umbertos for tacos when I am in San Diego, this is the closest that I can get I suppose.

Oh and because I am the only person left here in dodge waiting for some final edits I can crank up my Nick Cave and croon along. Sweet.    I can clean too and be patient waiting for these final edits. 

Ok awesomeness has arrived, its now 5:45 I am finishing up with my designer and then I can get outta here, I knew I would leave before 6:00, I was hoping about 6 hours ago, but whatevs.  I am just happy to go home. Soon.

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