Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am thinking that I have to go downtown this week sometime to go and pick up some dnc gear.  Not that I am really all that supportive of the candidate, I mean I don't want to get all political and I haven't ever really gone that route here on this here bloggie, but that being said, the swag to buy is actually kind of funny.  I mean who doesn't need denim and currency pencils or Presidential Roast coffee?  Well I don't, really... but for $20 I could go for it.  And this t is not so awful. I am just hoping that things remain calm and collected and all the worrying about behaviour of protestors and demonstrators is for naught.  I mean when the G8 was here a few years back it was calm and nothing awful went down.  I want to hope that people keep their wits about them and don't behave badly and the tshirt will commerate a good thing in our fair city. 

And if buying stuff is not your bag of tea... here is something that I saw on the sidebar that I haven't heard anything about (but I have stayed VERY much out of the loop on purpose). It would be cool to see but not worth shlepping to RedRocks and up the side of the facility (seriously it is a hike).  I will watch the peices online thankyouverymuch.

Ok off to do some cleanup work here around the house for a little bit and then to run some errands and take some pictures. 

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