Thursday, July 24, 2008

the Magic 8 ball STILL hasn't failed me...

So kick ass allaround last night.  Left work a little early, not as early as I wanted but it's all good.  I got home with enough time to catch up on a little personal work, but didn't get a video edited down like I wanted... tonite. Anyways, so F and I met up at the Roo Bar.  Ok see this is what is really freakin' hilarious here... I would always suggest the Roo Bar as a launching pad when they were in Cherry Creek.  It was a good starting place.  I always had a good time there (even with the whole Shrug debacle... more on that later) and it was nice to know no matter what when you walked in there you would be comfortable.  So... it was funny when F mentioned meeting there before going out last night. 

The new location is off Globeville Road and Park Avenue West it is tucked into a strip mall (which is weird but then again it used to be in the basement of an office building so really not all that strange) behind the La Quinta and the gas station on the corner.  It isn't as shleppy as it sounds really, I promise.  It was actually pretty all right.  F got a little snackie and I will say it was nice to see the Spinach Pizza still on the menu.  I will let him talk about the place later.  Not my job.  I just hope the puppy gets his due, that is all.

Had a mind eraser...the Zoe way... ah good times. 

We cruised over to the Walnut Room for the JDub 5th Anniversary party.  When the DJs started spinning they opened with a Hebrew version of Pass the Dutchie, I loved it and can't find it on a quick search I am going to find it though. If anyone can hook a girl would be the time.

I am not a big hip hop listener, I don't know any Hebrew anymore, I certainly don't know much about Hebrew/Israeli Hip Hop, but that being said, you really didn't have to. It was a great party. Spent a lot of the time gossiping about people that I knew there which I have to say now in retrospect was really gross.  I don't like that I did that at all.  But I did it and am sorry, that is the best I can offer at this point.

It was interesting to see some of the people that I did and for the record there was a sorta drunk girl that hit on F when we walked in the door and were waiting at the bar.  I liked that he was complimented.  I liked that she said that he better treat me good... and I like that I said oh honey... you have no idea.... and then she went on her merry little way.  I loved her necklace too.  But didn't get a chance to tell her because she moved on.

The group that put on the party is working to develop programming in the area that is relevant culturally to what I am interested in so that is cool.  Found them on facebook and their site from the name tag.  Smart.

I bought a tshirt from the merch girl.  Some jack ass was trying on the shirts then didn't buy anything.  It was gross. So I bought a shirt because seriously they have to pay to schlep that stuff around and it does support the artists and JDub is not for profit for goodness sake stop trying on the shirts and just buy one already...sheesh.  Then I look at the shirt this morning before I head off to work and um... yeah... it actually could be a wearable shirt.  Now I am really even happier that I bought the shirt and helped them out a little bit, even schmeered her with a couple extra bucks since no one was buying squat. 

Left the Walnut Room, had a little detour, which was perfect and was home by 1:00 which was just about what I had hoped for. 

Nearly talked about the whole Shrug deal too, not that there is anything to be ashamed of or embarrassed about outside of it being icky and him trying to hit me with his truck in October by the hotel. But seriously...Yikes. I didn't want to give up all the information that I did, but I suppose it eventually is going to come out I might as well just go there. But I held back.There are some things a gal should be able to keep a secret.  But apparently all you have to do is   give me a mind eraser and it's almost like truth serum.  Oop. 

Allright off to meet a friend for lunch!  I am starving.

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