Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last week when I posted last I was teetering on the edge of batshit remember? Well today... I am sitting here stewing in my own juices of chill. Wow how a week changes everything. Anyways. So the week was incredibly mellow and great and full of cool.

Got the three latest Nick Cave albums from F. Oh ma gawd. Why didn't I buy these? Oh yeah I thought they were older records and I thought I had them the last time I was Borders with my magical 40% off coupon. Oops. I am an appreciator not a fan I suppose. I uploaded and shared the Best of Bezerkley by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers because seriously I have heard the record many many times and still didn't realize Pablo Picasso was HIS song and not Burning Sensations'. Again not the fan that I would pass myself to be I suppose.

Booked airfare, hotels and planned at least one meal for the Glitter and Doom bookends. Freaked out because United still hasn't posted the charges for the back end of the trips to my credit card. Called to find out what the deal is since Southwest (for Vegas) and Frontier (for Phoenix) have posted already... they couldn't answer why but confirmed I am down so basically told me to chill. I got us seats on a plusher than normal plane and don't want that getting jacked up because of any processing glitch. Its all good I am being told, so I will relax. Freaked about the general willingness of F to accommodate the Friday business for Fourth of July weekend. Now L can't kvetch about anything and get happy that I am maybe? And as an aside, just checked the balance of my credit card, the tickets posted and I have paid the balance off (I like to pay all my balances off with in 15 days of my purchases, its compulsive, so Monday everything will be paid for.... sweet).

Stopped a consultant in her passive aggressive tracks and told her that I know what I am doing, that my job is well defined and I do it well and to stop freaking out about stuff. Maybe the next round of these programs they have developed and we are doing will be smoother for her and happier and she won't go off the deep end.

Saw Chuck Palahniuk on Thursday. The biggest deal about the whole thing is that the interviewer during the Q & A session I don't think really has EVER read a book of his. I think she must have gone through her newsroom and said, what could I ask this guy. She was lame as hell and not interesting or even engaging to what can only say is probably THE MOST engaging of authors with his audience. I mean what other author brings 500 plus book marks with little extras for every attendee, and autographed giveaways and has contests for prizes? You tell me the name of any other author that does that and I will chalk it up to schtick but I have yet to see or hear about one. She asked him why he wrote about the subject of Snuff being P.rn. See, honey let me tell you it isn't about that really. Sure it is an undercurrent of the story but not really the point of the book. Dumbass. I had to be kinda quiet about it because one of the people sitting in front of us obviously knew her (the interviewer) because she came up and said hello to him (and when throwing prizes smacked me in the face with a blow up doll... how many times in my life am I going to be able to say that?) I wanted to not seem completely rude, but seriously... the author you are interviewing is not just this book, but much more. She asked him about the titles of the adult films that are mentioned in the book... every single person I have ever known has sat around making up adult film titles based on current movies, sure it is funny but didn't garner a serious inquiry. He handled it like a pro.... talked about how the last bastion of popular culture and something losing all cultural relevance by the time p.rn. picks up on it. Huh..didn't ever really think about that but certainly it could be made a point of. I hated that interviewer, and from what I could tell (turning his back) so maybe did Chuck. Denver was lucky to see him on this leg of his constant tour and I am glad he graced us, but Doubleday, maybe next time you get an interviewer that understands him a little better? Just sayin'. I brought F into the fold too. I think he will enjoy reading the books now that he has seen Chuck explain a little of what he does. This was not his best tour stop but I chalk that up to that dumb ass writer from the Post. She called on the gal dressed as Cassie Wright in the back and said "yes the blond in the back".... oh you dumb dumb woman. It wasn't lost on me and chatted with "Cassie" after the reading and said I loved that she dressed up. It was a great move and I am only sorry it was lost on many of those in the room.

Went and saw The Dirtbombs. How on earth did I not know about this band? Seriously. So good. I was the shortest person in all of the Larimer Lounge that night I think... every person was so tall...and jammie jammed up front to get some quick pictures and was amazed by the sheer jangly sonic boom of the two drummers, that was a fun discovery. Took my pictures (three turned out OK) and as I was walking back had three guys brush up against me and my boobs, in a gently and oops I didn't mean to do that but soooo did kind of way. And you know.. I have to say... not really bothered by it because I just pushed them away (nicely) and kept moving back to the far end of the room where we were positioned. It reminded me of the days back in the most pits when I wouldn't get groped in a gentle way but really an aggressive and abusive way, because I was one of two chicks in the melee'. Boys are dumb. And there was this other guy there that looked just so familiar and I couldn't place him, is he someone that I knew? Did he remind me of an actor? I can't remember... I wanted to take his picture so I could place him but we were standing on the street and my camera was in the car, so its been driving me nuts for a couple of days.

I have nothing on the agenda for the weekend except sitting and chilling and hopefully getting caught up on some serious cleaning. Meaning my storage. I have neglected it for about six months and I really need to get up there and simply just take an inventory of what is there again. I had a breakdown before and now I can't remember jack about what I have up there other than my Pez collection and Purses and a couple boxes of tshirts. But I know there is way more up there than that. I think I have a tv even. I really need to take the time and get up there.

So that is it, the wrap up. Have a great weekend. I am turning off the computer now and going pretty much off line for the rest of mine unless something earth shatteringly brilliant happens. See you Tuesday.

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