Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day.

I missed the annual fly over by the F-16s (or something jety). It was awesome to hear at least. I wasn't prepared to be outside to take pictures like I said last year I wanted to do when they flew over, but I was happy where I was. So didn't race outside.

I have a ton of documentaries that I was thinking about wading through today and the fact that its cloudy and chilly out it might just trump any of my other things I wanted to accomplish. So I sliced up the brisket I made yesterday during the beginning of Seven which I just restarted to the begining. I haven't seen this movie is quite a long time. And holy shit I just totally forgot about Sloth. Holy shit.

My Oprah called with the funniest tales of her trip to Miami for the weekend. Sorry to say this but seriously the host of where she is staying with sounds like a nut job. F or anyone for that matter comes over to the house and I make damn sure that the place is clean, new clean towels, bed made, place dusted and straighted up.... her hostess sounds like a filthy housekeeper who doesn't care enough about her self much less the guests in her home. I feel badly for My Oprah because she is in a bad situation. Although the stories she was telling me were kind of funny and I have to write them down because these are not people that I would ever actually interact with so hearing tale about them is brilliant. I have been charged with calling My Oprah in an hour to get her out of this party, we are working on a story that I am in crises and need her help. When really I just want to hear about the nutty folks at this party to be honest. I wish she had a camera and could take pictures of these people and the place.

And for the record, right now, having sliced and put the gravy from the brisket away I am totally beyond craving diner food. Damnit. I had a great burger at Stuebens the other night, I love it when they (meaning any restaurant) throws a buttered burger bun on the flat grill and get it all crispy and buttery.... crap I could go for a burger now too. Guess I need to figure something for late lunch/early dinner.

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