Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Now I have made absolutely NO secret of several of my super special celebrity crushes. I have to call out Mr. Jonathan Adler (yet again, I know I know its getting stale) but seriously.... he is so hysterically funny I just sat here at my desk, laughed so hard at his April Musings I spit coffee out of my mouth and my nose (ouch hot), and totally across my cube. But in true fashion care I didn't get any on my white shirt (ok that is a miracle and I don't know how I got so lucky). I should know better than to read whilest drinking coffee but oops, temporary insanity I suppose.

Spent most of the morning at hotels on site visits and making event arrangements. The Doubletree totally hooked me up with the chocolate chip cookies too by the way. And because I am a good Pesach observer, I brought them back for my co-werkers....I don't think they have a clue how hard that was to do. Ingrates. They don't have any clue what I have just given them... its like these cookies are gold. Whatever.

Pandora is kinda swinging today. Some days it is all punk rock but today it is swingin and exactly what I needed. Oops I spoke way too soon. And not in a bad way, but we are now at the Bad Brains section of the afternoon. And actually its perfect too.

I am not particularly working too hard this afternoon. I am actually doing everything I can to NOT do what I am supposed to be doing actually. It is terrible because it is only Tuesday and already I am clock watching. Not so good.

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