Monday, March 31, 2008

Because I am holding stuff really really close to my chest right now but I am compulsively feeling the need to share, but I can't "over-share" - On the work cd player today is a bevy of beauty:(oh and in played order) -

CAKE - Comfort Eagle
because serious the line "she traded in her MG for a white Chrysler Le Baron" just makes me smile every single fucking time I hear it and besides "it's Cake". How can I refuse? Plus it was a great way to motivate me to get going this morning.

Concrete Blonde - Mexican Moon
G is in Mexico and I wish that I was with her just so that I wouldn't be sitting at my desk processing the work that I am fumbling through. So I climbed into the atmosphere this morning while processing some paperwork and all I could do was dream of tissue paper flowers and languishing on a beach with sand between my toes. I haven't had sand in between my toes in years. While I was listening to "Bajo La Lune Mexicana" (the spanish version on Mexican Moon)... I thought and very seriously... I am due a long weekend. Where there is sand and umbrella drinks.

Morphine - The Night
Now this is strange to admit because I have had this in my collection for years (YEARS I tell you) unopened. I think honestly I was holding off listening to it back when I bought it because Mark Sandman had just died a couple days before the show here in Denver and I was bummed he was gone. But this record is so dark and twisty and gorgeous I feel like a fool for waiting so long.

TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain
I will admit this seemed like a natural progression. And I love Wolf Like Me. I wish I brought in Maktub because that would have been a great next foray into my desk music today... but I forgot so next up....

Firewater - The Ponzi Scheme
Tod A. is a genius too. And this record is brilliant. I love Pyschopharmacology but brought this is with me today because of grangly sax that opens the record.

Tin Hat Trio - Helium
This is the last cd of the day workside today probably. It is far mellower than the last record and hits just the right notes and makes me auditorially think at least what it would be like if I had a soundtrack and I was living in Paris France in the 30s with money in my pocket. Its the accordion. Plus the reprise has Mr. Tom Waits and that is not a shabby way to end the day.

And because I needed to show a clip to a cow-erker who carbon / silicon was because they didn't know who The Clash are (I nearly fainted)... no one seems to understand exactly what I am talking about and who... I came across this on the youtubes.... of topper headon playing with them... playing train in vain... shot on a camera phone... those europeans are miles ahead of us on the mobile technology for sure and I am jealous.

I will fix the html once I post, because I can't from email... oh and this is from the first show they did I think.

Oh and EVERY stinkin' time I go to take America's Next Top Model off of Steevoh's precious encoded back... there is a post like this and makes me realize that I have to keep it just so that I know exactly what Rich (can I call you Rich? I mean I just linked to your blog and all and doesn't that make us bestest of bloggie buddies now... so that I can call you by your first name?) is making fun of. He is so funny he makes me hurt.

I have two errands I have to run tonite. But since the snow is pounding right now... but this being Colorado it might stop and turn sunny... I am not sure if I am going to make it down north like I need to. Aaaaannnnd its stopped snowing. I love Colorado seriously I do.

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