Friday, February 08, 2008

So its a funny thing. I am going through files and trying to eliminate a lot of superfluous junk. I am slowly progressing. I have alot of junk. I pulled down a portable file box from my closet. Holy memory filled junk collector batman...

I found restaurant receipts and holiday gift present receipts from almost 6 years ago. It is really a good thing to shred these things. I am shredding group insurance coverage policies from plans I don't have anymore. I found birthday cards from people I don't know anymore, those I am not shredding. The one thing that I did come across was a package of mail that I didn't expect to. I thought honestly that I had filed them away in my storage. I pulled one out and honestly I wanted to barf after reading just part of one. What a funny little deal that is. I used to (way in the past) read them and weep but this time it is for very different reasons. Now I can't help but laugh, so ridiculous. And the timing couldn't be better. Self actualization being in vogue right now. Tomorrow after some errands I will continue this I have quite a mess of stuff.

I am watching Cashmere Mafia a(***edited to say: I haven't actually watched Cashmere Mafia, but I did and am watching Lipstick Jungle and that is what I meant) and I will say their continuity is really icky and you can see their mic pacs under the clothes. I want it to succeed if only because I like Lindsey whatshername and look its Andrew McCarthy but still ... this isn't very good. And what is it with Kim Raver's face in the bathroom?

Hard to believe its already 10. Yikes... where did the evening go?

I am craving birthday cake..chocolate birthday cake with cheap white frosting right now. Just in case you were wondering.

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