Thursday, January 10, 2008

I loves me a good documentary...too bad I haven't made mine....

When I was in film school we did a "side by side" compare and contrast of the two versions of Cat People. And of course as you would imagine, the Natasha Kinsky version was more popular in our class. I am just being honest. Everyone liked it better. And I don't think that it was too surprising at the time. I think the Georgio Moroder soundtrack had quite a lot to do with it. And the fact that Natasha Kinsky was naked in it. It was just more contemporary and being that this was an intro level 100 course, very introductory, what did we know? I am excited to revist the classic on January 14th (well actually just on Steevoh on the 14th as I probably won't actually get to the program until at least the 19th). I think with my broader view and knowledge of film and production and film anthropology now (which my parents paid a pretty penny for me to know about), I will find out if there just might be a different result. And a documentary about the man behind the movie before? Narrated by Martin Scorsese? Sign me up. Le' sigh.
I mean our professor showed us Near Dark as a contemporary masterpiece she also showed us Vamp as yet another modern take on the monster movie. Eh... it was allright. She really tried hard to hold tight to our rather limited attention on those Friday afternoons and did a lot of compare and contrast discussions. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. But she really did try.
So in today's email, I get my daily VSL piece of daily information and today's was and is a doosie. I am actually really impressed with Turner Classic Movies and their Val Lewton film festival. I am really quite excited to go home tonite after work and set my dvr for the whole thing. I mean the documentary alone is cool, but 10 movies to back it up? That is way over the top and really impressive. I have to hand it to the programmers at TCM... way to f'n go, you have made a believer out of me, that you are trying to grasp a contemporary viewer. Well done.
Thank you Very Short List, seriously because I won't have had a clue about this and would have totally missed out, just as I have nearly missed out The Jewish Americans . I watched the last half hour of the second portion last night after calling my Mom and Dad's house and their having told me about it. Oops, but what I saw I really enjoyed. But after going to, I see that they are re-airing the segments so I can set up the tape. Although the series is NOT expensive at all, I think last night it looked to be $34.99 (but don't go looking for it anywhere because I couldn't find it). Go to the website and check out the resources page... wow... sometimes (well alot of the time...pbs can just curl my toes and I am not saying that just because I produced for them).
I also loves me a really good music video. This not only creeped me out, but oddly amused me.
Please to enjoy:

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