Wednesday, January 04, 2006

what did Robert Zimmerman once warble? Oh the times they are a'changin' indeedio they are....

With the secular new year fully upon me and the year that shouldn't have been numerically passed I can now add the following:

Things are changing, drastically. At dinner tonite I had a very interesting feeling wash over me. Not particularly good and not particularly bad, just interesting. Since my Grandfather is now for the first time in his 90+ year life going to be an "East Sider" all manor of his life is going to be on its ear. Ever since August when my Grandmother passed away our lives have been critically different and now with this move absolutely everything in our lives are going to really be changed. I think that the move is going to be good for him and us, but its all going to be really odd for awhile. His drive to shul on Shabbos is going to be 10 minutes. We can meet him for lunch at the deli. He will be in the eruv, not that it means anything for his life directly but there is some symbolism there for sure. He won't walk to shul for sure, but he could go to TRI if he wanted to for a minyun. I don't know its all so very strange.

He signs his lease tommorrow. I will love having him so close to my house and there is alot of relief knowing that even if I had to run to his house (which I totally couldn't do)it would take me less than 10 minutes (if I was healthier and didn't smoke). I am proud of his decision to make this move. Its a huge deal for sure. But what comes with that is ... the move. We will get through it. Its just going to be very big emotions going through the house. This is a brave moment for him. Do we need a hechsher on his house now? I think its something we definately have to think about, I know that the stove and oven aren't koshered. Need to look into what to do with that.

Things otherwise are pretty unsteady as I am on a very personal level trying to figure out some things regarding parts of my future. I was talking to my chevra cousin and honestly I think in a lot of ways we are in the same boat. Denver isn't a community for Jewish kids my or her age who aren't married with children, whatsoever. I desperately want to make that change but there isn't a direct way to make it happen without going through Federation, JDate (shudder) or Rocky Mountain Chai (and while the guy running it seems nice enough, all the programming seems to gear towards people that know one another already and it isn't so welcoming...sorry but its true). Its just something we were pondering awhile back and I have been thinking about.

I put so much of all this on hold last year because of things that were weighing heavier on me and now I can't let it slide anymore. I will find a way, only because I feel like it is important. And I think because I got three schnoor envelopes from BBYO it reminded me how busy they kept me. And I found a very funny My Space group (myspace is crack by the way... I can't stop... its a freak show of people who code in heart shapes into their names for goodness sake) for JSP AZA 6 and a teacher at R'Mah. I wish I had the time to go and be an advisor, but I think its better not to go that route, BBG girls are bitches. At least they were when I was one. And having gone through the same type of behaviour over most of my adult life with some bitches why deal with teenage ones now that I don't have to. It is rhetorical, just go with it.

Finished reading Snow in August last night. I didn't want to post much about what I thought about it becuase I am no qualified book reviewer, but I will say, I loved it. There. It is said. Terrific. The end wrapped up just a little too quickly but then again all good books seem to do that.

Gave out Matisyahu (and yes I really do think they take the servers down on Shabbas) cds all over the place for Chanukah this year. They were on sale at Best Buy and I thought what the heck, they are under 8 bucks. Its actually pretty decent dub reggae. Surprisingly. I am so on the bandwagon. Late to the game, but all aboard now.

Well that is the update. Only watched 3 episodes of Law and Order today (speaking of crack) and feel pretty good about it. And thank goodness Isaac is repeats as well because I wouldn't get anything done whether I taped the show or not. (PS Valentine I will put the tape in the mail hopefully by Friday for you, so you can see what I am talking about).

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