Saturday, November 19, 2005

and also...

Normally I am not one to wax poetic about anyone other than my not so secret celebrity designer crush, to people except those that know me well. But. I have to. Isaac. Oh Isaac. Flipping through a tape just now. You in what is it like the first 10 minutes of Fame (I see you sad clown)? You on Oxygen on Demand painting your walls with Lil' Kim? Your fabulous and I mean fabulous cheap and seasonal clothing line and now... this (please feel free to read that in whatever manner of complete histerics you wish by the way)? It makes having cable worthwhile. Good thing I found out about this little peice of nonsence on the day the cable bill came because I would have seriously considered not watching Style ever and now... they have me at Isaac...Have a Better Day. Darn tooten I am going to.

PS, Isaac? shhhh, this is just between you and me here....Peanut? Your vest and tie would go perfect with my carpet. Please come and let me bake for you. Thats all.

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