Friday, July 15, 2005

The blisters have stopped thankfully and the itching has subsided. Mystery allergic reaction 2005 has disappated. Thank. G-d. Seriously. I would go to bed at night and pray and try to sleep and itch and pray and toss and turn. Misery. I got bit my some thing and it pissed my skin off. Bad. I got very hysterical and thought...shit I have shingles. Its presenting that way. I have no vacation time yet. Crap. Nope. Allergic to big bug of some sort.

The secondary plan for the evening was to get out and take some pictures but it has finally cooled off enough that I can have my doors and windows open and not swelter, so I am homebound. Plus itchy legs a little bit still and not wanting to deal with it. On a more personal note I finally could shave them but had to avoid the scabs from the blisters. I know gross.

So tommorrow its serious picture day. Going to Boulder then back down here and I think the muse has struck. I am finally feeling it. Which is a good thing. I have a creative flow coming on. Its been years. Over five, actually. I slacked. And now...I don't. I will write once a week, I will read more than one book this summer (ps I haven't really "gotten" the book I am reading now... I will maybe...) and I sure as shit am going to use some of that College Education that my parents spoiled me with. Maybe not moving pictures but stills. Just for me.

Got asked by a guy at work if I was going to the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls this weekend. I had to say no. And...I had to say why. It really didn't sound as ridiculous coming out of my mouth as to why. I suppose when you say "I would rip that bitches eyes out because of what she has said about me" it makes the point. And I would. And she is just an observer and friends with some of the girls. All I know is that I am glad I know about her ties because seriously, I would. I would scratch that cow's eyes out.

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